What is trichiasis?

Trichiasis is a common eye condition characterized by the abnormal inward growth of eyelashes, causing them to rub against the surface of the eye. This can result in significant discomfort, irritation, redness, and potential damage to the cornea if left untreated. With appropriate treatment, individuals with trichiasis can find relief from discomfort and minimize the risk of long-term damage to their vision. Request a consultation with Dr. Warner in Orlando to find out how he can help you.


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What are the signs and symptoms of trichiasis?

The most common symptom is a persistent sensation of something scratching or irritating the eye. Individuals with trichiasis often experience redness and inflammation of the eyelid margins, along with frequent eye discomfort and a gritty or foreign body sensation. Due to the misdirected lashes rubbing against the cornea, there may be excessive tearing and increased sensitivity to light. In some cases, this condition can cause corneal abrasions or ulcers, leading to blurred vision and potential damage to the eye’s surface.

How can Florida Eyelid and Cosmetic Surgery help?

If you notice any of the signs or symptoms listed above, we can help. Dr. Warner provides electroepilation treatments, which involves the use of a fine, sterilized needle and an electrical current to target and destroy the hair follicles responsible for the misdirected lashes.

During the procedure, Dr. Warner will carefully insert the needle into the affected hair follicles, delivering a controlled electrical current to disable them. This process effectively prevents the regrowth of the problematic eyelashes. Electroepilation is known for its precision and ability to selectively treat individual lashes, making it a valuable option for patients with recurrent or severe trichiasis. 

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Electroepilation offers an effective and long-lasting solution for trichiasis, improving your eye comfort and minimizing the risk of corneal damage associated with ingrown eyelashes. To find out if Dr. Warner can help you, please call 407-863-8700 or fill out the form below to request a consultation. We will reach out to confirm your appointment date and time. We look forward to seeing you!

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