What is fornix reconstruction?

Fornix reconstruction is a surgical procedure aimed at restoring or creating the natural anatomical contour and depth of the fornix, which is the space between the eyelid and the eyeball. This procedure is typically performed to address conditions such as scarring, contracture, or tissue loss in the fornix area, which can result from trauma, infection, or previous surgeries. Treatments aim to improve the function of the eyelid and promote proper tear distribution for enhanced eye lubrication. 


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Am I a candidate?

Candidates may have symptoms such as discomfort, dryness, irritation, or difficulty wearing contact lenses. They may also have an unsatisfactory appearance of the eyelid and conjunctiva. Fornix reconstruction aims to restore the natural contour and depth of the fornix, allowing for improved eyelid function, proper tear distribution, and protection of the ocular surface. 

What can I expect during fornix reconstruction?

During fornix reconstruction, you can expect a personalized surgical approach tailored to your specific needs. At our practice in Orlando, Dr. Warner provides fornix reconstruction with amniotic membrane, AlloDerm, oral mucosal graft treatments.

Fornix reconstruction with amniotic membrane

Amniotic membrane, derived from the innermost layer of the placenta, can be used as a graft during the reconstruction process. This unique tissue has remarkable healing properties and is rich in growth factors and proteins that promote tissue regeneration and reduce inflammation. The procedure involves carefully placing the amniotic membrane graft over the damaged or deficient fornix area, allowing it to adhere and integrate with the surrounding tissues. This promotes the healing of the fornix and improves the overall health of the ocular surface.


These grafts can be used to address a variety of eye conditions and concerns, including lower eyelid defects, eyelid retraction, and conjunctival scarring. AlloDerm grafts provide a durable and biocompatible material that helps support and strengthen the delicate structures around the eyes, promoting optimal healing and restoring both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the eye region. The grafts are carefully placed by Dr. Warner to address specific areas of concern and are secured in position with sutures.

Oral Mucosal Graft

The procedure involves taking a small piece of tissue from the inner lining of the mouth, known as the oral mucosa, and transplanting it to the desired area in need of repair. The oral mucosa is an ideal graft material due to its thin and pliable nature, as well as its ability to regenerate quickly. The graft is carefully harvested from the mouth and then placed onto the affected area of the eye, where it promotes healing, restores the integrity of the ocular surface, and improves overall eye function. 

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